Our Sucess Story

Behind the success of Vijay Velavan Spinning Mills is the total commitment Alagarasan to deliver nothing but the best products to a market that is extremely demanding and will not compromise when it comes to quality and standards. Though our mill took shape in 2005, the genesis behind our success as Tirupur’s best name in yarn and downstream products is attributable to more than 30+ years of rich experience of its founder and Managing Director.  


What makes the mill so unique and stand out from the crowd is the founder’s zeal to excel in a highly competitive environment where only the best can survive. His expertise in selecting the best of cotton fiber for the mill has ensured consistent product delivery.

Diversification and Growth

Vijay Velavan Spinning Mills was never intended to be a one-product company and this is reflected in our product ranges. From being a knitting yarn manufacturer, we soon added fabrics, compacting and garment manufacture to our product portfolio in just a few years and for us, adding a new product is not an end, rather, we seek to become a leader in everything that we manufacture.

It is our solemn pledge to our valuable customers, that in the days ahead they can expect new products and services with the same commitment to maintaining quality and standards that we have delivered consistently in the past.


Our spinning mill is unique for many reasons – we are among the few to follow the highest standards


Compacting is one of the major processes that we undertake in our facilities. Our compacting facilities…


Our garments are made to international standards for both export and domestic markets as a spin off business