About us

Vijay Velavan Spinning Mills was found in the year 2005 by Mr. Alagarasan with the loftiest of ideals – to deliver quality 100% cotton knitting yarn to one of the most quality conscious market of Tirupur – India’s unchallengeable hub for knitted garment production.


Customer-centric Approach

What made us successful over the years is our customer-centric approach. Whether it is products or services, our focus is on meeting their needs wholesomely. We know those market requirements are never stagnant and preferences change abruptly and we must respond to it in the shortest possible time. We do this because we have a built-in flexibility to make it happen.

To give our customer the best product, we source our raw materials from a wide range of sources. Cotton for example; our chief raw material is Shankar from Gujarat, Supima from USA and high-quality cotton from Egypt. To ensure to class yarn, we ensure best-practice procedures right from sourcing down to delivering to our customers.


Our spinning mill is unique for many reasons – we are among the few to follow the highest standards


Compacting & Garment Washing is one of the major processes that we undertake in our facilities. Our facilities...


Our garments are made to international standards for both export and domestic markets as a spin off business